Couch Cleaning Tips

We all love to spend our time on our couches and it is essential for us to maintain them clean and fresh. Because nobody will ever want to sit and relax on a dirty couch. Dirty and stained couch smells bad and also produce bacteria which can affect our health. There are many reasons behind the dirtiness of our couches these reasons are particles, spilled soda, pet hair, dust, and oil from your fingers and feet increase up on your couch and make it look soiled. These cleaning tips will help you to remove all these stains and will make your couch cleaner than ever.

Couch Cleaning
Couch Cleaning

Following Are The Tips Which You Apply For Couch Cleaning:

  1. Vacuum –

Using a vacuum cleaner will help you a lot. The brush appendage on your vacuum will help to clean the dust and trash from your sofa exterior. Make sure you have cleaned the holes where pet hair, food crumbs, and filth pile are. If the pillows are not joined, separate them and vacuum both surfaces. And If there’s a lot of pet hair, apply a lint roller to eliminate those hairs which the vacuum couldn’t remove.

  1. Clean The Timber And Metal Areas –

In the second step, you have to clean the wood and metal areas of your sofa after you finish cleaning down the sofa’s bases and other non-fabric portions of the sofa by using boiled water and liquid dish detergent.

  1. Make Sure What Kind Of Fabric You Are Dealing With

Spot the label on the couch and study the guidelines for cleaning your upholstery. Here are some codes that you may notice on tags.

  • WS: Apply a light detergent besides a vapor vacuum or a dry-cleaning detergent.
  • S: Just apply a dry cleaner detergent only.
  • X: Use a vacuum simply. Avoid water.
  • W: You can apply water to clean it.
  1. Eliminate stains

Discerning how to clean a couch indicates knowing how to eliminate stains. You can apply a commercial cleaner or you can make your personal cleaners from natural elements you have in the pantry. Domestic cleaners are affordable and helpful to the Earth. Here are some more tips on how to clean a couch, by fabric kind:

  • For fabric upholstery, blend 1/4 cup vinegar, 3/4 hot water and 1 tablespoon for dish cleanser or Castile cleanser. and put it into a spray bottle. Drizzle the tainted area. Rub with a thin cloth until the stigma lifts. Apply another tissue dampened with clean water to eliminate the soap. Then dry it using a towel.
  • For leather upholstery, blend 1/2 cup olive lubricant oil with 1/4 cup vinegar and then put it into a spray bottle. Sprinkle the cleaner on the exterior of the couch and buff it with a silky cloth.
  • For artificial upholstery, blend 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of boiled water, and 1/2 tablespoon of liquid vessel soap or castile soap in a spray bottle. Drizzle the stained area and rub with a thin cloth till the stain eliminate. Or you can also use couch stain removal if needed.
  1. Wait Til Couch Gets Dry

Now you have to use a towel to absorb up any extra water remaining on the thin exterior. Wait for the sofa air to get dry. If it’s wet, you may need to set up a box fan aimed at the sofa for steam drying. Water can make pillows and fabric decay.


Professional Couch Cleaning
Professional Couch Cleaning

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