How to Remove Dog Odour from Your Leather Sofa

Having a dog and a leather sofa or couch is a tricky combination from the cleaning perspective! Your couch is the most used piece of furniture which requires better cleaning. The couch is used for a variety of purposes from watching Netflix while having food or entertaining your friends. Getting a pet in this mix who loves to jump up and down excitedly on the sofa is a terrible combination for the poor leather couch! The sofas invariably start to have that peculiar doggy smell. Their hair too begins collecting in the bends and creases of the sofa. Although leather sofas are easier to clean, they eventually begin to smell just like the other varieties.  Read this blog on how to remove dog odour from your leather sofa and the importance of keeping the sofa in a clean state. Professional leather upholstery cleaning Adelaide is also an effective solution for your couch cleaning requirements. 

  • Vacuuming  

Vacuuming the sofa is the easiest and most effective way to eliminate dog odour from a leather sofa. Clean it with a wet cloth thoroughly after it is vacuumed. Use a deodorizing spray that will refresh and rejuvenate it. After which you need to condition it with a good leather conditioner.  Make your dog sleep on their own bed instead of using the sofa. 

  • Remove dog vomit with these steps 

Before vacuuming, you need to take out the pet hair, dander, and all the dirt that has been posted onto the sofa by your furry friend. After which you need to deeply vacuum the entire sofa as well as all the areas below the cushions. Use the crevice attachment of your vacuum to reach out to the difficult and narrow parts of the couch. Doing that will help you effectively clean all the corners and edge areas of the sofa. 

You can remove hair stuck inside the corners with a slightly wet rubber glove. This way you would also be able to remove the stuck hair as they come off onto your glove. Wipe the sofa with a moist microfiber rag till the cloth moves smoothly over the fabric. 

  • Baking Soda 

Sprinkle baking soda liberally on the areas of the sofa such as the seat and the backrests. Buff the baking soda very lightly which is applied with the help of a moist cloth. You need to leave the baking soda on the sofa for a few hours or so based on how strong the smell is. After which you have to vacuum it out for removing all the traces of baking soda. The baking powder is extremely effective in defusing dog odour. You may need to repeat the process if the smell is still present.

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  • Laundry detergent 

The laundry detergent is also an effective way to deal with dog smells and stains. You need to mix detergent in the water for cleaning. Do not use a lot of water or detergent or you risk soaking the sofa with an excess of solution. Or else the remains get even more challenging to remove from the sofa later. Machine wash the cushion covers. Clean out all the surfaces of the sofa with just a cloth dipped in clean water. This way the couch not just gets cleaned but also gets a fresh aroma again. 

  • Vinegar and baking soda 

These 2 ingredients are easily available in any household and can be used effectively to clean out dog odour. For using this hack, you need to mix vinegar, baking soda, and fabric softener in 1 litre of water. You need to mix this solution and transfer it into a spray bottle. Spray this solution onto the cushions and the sofa fabric and you will have a sofa that no longer smells! On the other hand, you can also connect with the leading professionals for sofa stain removal Adelaide services. 

Importance of sofa cleaning 

  • Essential to eliminating dust and dirt 

A lot of dust, dirt, and filth gets accumulated on the insides of the sofa if it is not cleaned frequently. Small spots of dust particles begin settling inside the covering and padding for a long time and if left unattended, it becomes a reason for skin allergies and lung issues. Microbes and various allergens also get collected inside rendering your sofa a very germ-infested and polluted piece of furniture in your home. Tiny spots of dust and dirt make their way into your body giving rise to more and more health issues. Increasing your trips to the doctor invariably. To prevent such issues, invest your time and efforts in professional couch cleaning Fulham services. With professional cleaning, your sofa is free of such dangerous germs and allergens in no time.

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  • Protects your family from Infections and Allergies 

If you do not clean your sofa, you would never have seen what type of impurities and dirt elements exist in there. The cracks and creases in the sofa accumulates hair, body oils, sweat, dirt, dust, moisture, and other elements making it a breeding ground for microbes and disease-spreading contaminants. These elements can in turn trigger skin allergies, wheezing, sneezing, cough, watery eyes, and even respiratory disorders. Such dangerous environments can aggravate allergies in allergic individuals as well as make the infants in your home fall ill.  

Your sofa needs to be cleaned regularly at the hands of professionals in order to reduce the occurrence of any infections. Get in touch with the best couch-cleaning professionals immediately if your couches and sofas need to be cleaned. Protect your family from becoming victims of any infections and allergies for no fault of theirs. 

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