Do Not Ruin Your Couch with These Habits

Leather couches give the room a very luxurious look. They enhance the appearance of the room and make it look more sophisticated. However, cleaning it regularly is a must for its upkeep. Knowing how to use it properly and in a careful manner also is essential to improve its durability and lifespan. Nonetheless, home-owners who have leather couches have poor habits when it comes to the usage and hence end up ruining the couch and its quality in the long run. Read this blog to understand more about the habits that end up ruining your couch in the long run: 

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  • Jumping or snoozing on the sofa 

Jumping, hopping or even using the sofa to nap can be detrimental to your couch irrespective of its make or fabric. Excessive weight for a longer period can be responsible for damaging its quality. Hence you should not allow your toddlers or kids to jump on the sofa like a trampoline. Sofas and couches are also not designed for sleeping. Using it for a quick power nap is different and using it for your full 8–9-hour sleep is an entirely harmful habit for its structure. Its frame and cushions will eventually cave in due to sleeping on it for a prolonged time. 

  • Keeping it in sunlight 

Whether you do know this or not, prolonged exposure to sunlight can also spoil your beloved couch. Sunlight can discolour the couch and make it look really unpleasant. Placing it in direct sunlight will surely make it look unrecognizable and nothing like what it looked when you bought it due to its beautiful colour! Sunlight moreover, can also crack and dry out leather couches.   

  • Cleaning it without professional help 

Cleaning the couch is an essential and a much-underrated habit. Only if you know the correct and suitable chemicals, methods and products for the same. If not, you only end up damaging the fabric of the couch. It is easy to misjudge any upholstery cleaner to be okay for cleaning your couch. However, if you do plan to clean it on your own, the manufacturer’s tag is what you need to consult. The tag has the necessary cleaning and drying instructions as well as the type of products that can be used for its cleaning. Checking the tag will save you from using any random cleaning method you have seen on YouTube. Do not use just about any soaps and detergents on it. Hire a couch cleaning Norwood service provider for the best results. 

  • Occupying the same spot 

Sure a particular spot offers the best view of the television. But occupying the same spot every time on the couch can be harmful for the sofa. Occupying different spots on the couch would ensure even distribution of the weight over time and will stop anyone place from getting damaged too faster. Sitting on the same spot moreover crushes the fibres and also damages the springs beneath. 

Do Not Ruin Your Couch with These Habits

  • Not cleaning out stains right away

The couches can get stained even if you use it super-carefully. There are times when kids spill their food while watching cartoon or your friends end up doing that during your party. If you do not clean the stain right away, it will definitely become deep set. Clean the stains right away. If that sofa is a leather one and you’ve forgotten to clean it, then leather upholstery cleaning services Adelaide is your best way out. You can also consult your couch cleaner and have them recommend you a stain remover to ensure that the product would be suitable for your couch or sofa.  

  • Allowing pets on it

Pets are cute and really unconditional with their love and affection for you. However, letting them on the couch or sofa is the last thing that you should do. Their nails can leave ugly scratches and marks on the sofa which can also become bigger thus spoiling the look of your couch. 

  • Never cleaning the couch

You need to clean your sofa and couch regularly just like the other furniture in the house. More so, if it is used for a longer time and experiences excess traffic. It is bound to get dirtier and even sooner. However, people make the mistake of never cleaning it just because it does not appear unclean to them. But it still hides a lot of dust elements, shed dead skin cells, scraps of food, hair, pet fur etc. How much ever you keep your surroundings clean if that would not keep the sofa from becoming dusty or unclean. Having it cleaned regularly via couch cleaning Fulham services will work to enhance its longevity. 

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